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The cost of living and studying in the UK can be a little on the higher side if you don’t plan your expenses wisely. As an Indian student studying in the UK, it is possible that you might want to supplement your financial requirements by working while you study in the UK. In addition to this, working alongside your studies is an excellent way to gain experience and skills for your career. A lot of international students (including Indian students) in UK do part-time work while some do an internship or work placement as part of their curriculum.

Definitely, you have few questions that our expert at Shine Future Worldwide Consultant Pvt. Ltd. will consult you. Your questions might be listed below:

  • Can you work while you study in the UK?
  • How many hours are you allowed to work per week?
  • What kind of work are you allowed to do?
  • Finding work
  • National Insurance Number

Student visa rules: an overview

  • A course confirmation: You must receive an unconditional offer and a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a university that is a licensed student sponsor. You must apply for your visa within 6 months of receiving your CAS.
  • Funding: you must provide proof that you have enough funds to pay for both your course tuition fees and your monthly living costs.
  • Proof of your English language skills.
  • Evidence of consent from your parents or tutors if you’re a minor.

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